Restoration Projects

Spending its working life around many collieries in Fife and a spell at Kinneil, finally leaving service at Frances Colliery in Dysart where it was brought into preservation at Lochty Private Railway in 1983.

After spending many years out in the open, work has started with the locomotive now undergoing a major overhaul back to working order.


Fife Heritage Railway Dubbie Pug Kirkland Yard

Dubbie Pug

Andrew Barclay  0-4-0ST

Operator Number:  21

Status:  Under Overhaul      
Anticipated to take 8–10 years

Date Manufactured: 1951


Built to the Fife Area, amended design for the NCB, it is one of few Barclay saddle tanks with higher water capacity, larger boiler and backhead injectors.

Burntisland Aluminium Works - Pug

Manufacturer: Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST

Operator number: No. 3​
Date Manufactured: 1937
Under Cosmetic Overhaul.


Ex British Aluminium Company in Burntisland, Fife.

Built to work for the aluminium works until 1971 in which it was placed in storage until being acquired by the Scottish Railway Preservation Society in 1989.

However restoration work failed to start due to other commitments at Bo'ness, nonetheless the locomotive arrived in March 2020 at Kirkland on a 10 year loan.

She is presently undergoing a cosmetic overhaul and eventual display with the possibility of a return to steam in the long term.

Fife Heritage Railway British Aliminium Pug arrives at Kirkland
Fife Heritage Railway British Aliminium Pug Restoration begins

(affectionate name used by Volunteers – she has no name plate)


Manufacturer:  North British (number NBL27591)

Operator Number: No.10

Year of manufacture: 1957

Specifications:  440DH 0-6-0
Status: Partly Restored.
Long term plan to restore to full working order


A truly unique locomotive. 
She served at several collieries (Michael, Wellesley, and finally Bowhill Colliery) before being brought out of service in 1974.

She moved to the Lochty Private Railway where she was put to good use. 

She is undergoing cosmetic restoration at the moment and is not operational, however there is a strong depth of feeling to return her to full operational use should the resources become available.

Fife Heritage Railway North British 1957 (number NBL27591) NBL No 10 Specs 440DH 0-6-0
Fife Heritage Railway Ruston and Hornsby 1961 Largo Law No 2 RH449753  Specs 165DE 0-4-0

‘Largo Law’ (RH449753)


Manufacturer: Ruston and Hornsby

Years of manufacture:  1961

Operator Number:   No. 2  (sister to Garvie Flyer No. 1)

Specifications:  165DE 0-4-0

Both locomotives were operated by Scottish Power at their Methil Power Station (local to Fife Heritage Railway). 

Sadly, Largo Law was in a poorer state of health than her sister Garvie Flyer. Largo Law has been used as a donor Locomotive to allow Garvie Flyer to be brought back to full working order. 

Largo Law will be cosmetically overhauled over the next year or two.
(A possible project for our younger members to take on)

The restoration continues.