All's well that ends well...

Wow; what a year at Kirkland. We scraped through the cold icy beginnings of January 2018 and stumbled head long into our season full of the joys of err Spring. There isn't any one particular Open Day which requires special mention - but what we will call to attention is just how lucky we were this year with the weather; Summer season really did feel like Summer for once, with lots of sunshine and happy faces enjoying themselves.

All too soon the nights began drawing in, and that nip in the air indicated (or screamed and shouted depending on stress levels) that Santa was well on his way. Best laid plans and all that meant that our attempts to run for 2 days were shortened to 1 but we made the most of our Open Day and had lots of fun hosting a stream of excitable children.

And now we look towards 2019 with notepads full of ideas of how to do things differently and how to improve on what we have already achieved. Lets not forget that 2018 brought us another star in the Visit Scotland book of happiness - and as we work towards creating extra activities for our Open Days that don't detract from our hard earned restoration work - we wish you all a very good New Year and hope to see all of you in 2019.

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