'River Eden'


Manufacturer:  North British Locomotive Co. Glasgow

Year of Manufacture:  1955

Number: 400

Weight: 32 tonnes

Power:  Diesel Hydraulic, 200bhp

Top Speed:  14.5mph


History:  River Eden's primary claim to fame is having been built to the same technical specifications as a British Rail class 2/1. 


River Eden spent her entire working life at RAF Leuchars, shunting ammunition and provision wagons.  Upon retirement she was sold to Lochty Private Railway where she undertook similar shunting duties as well as pulling the occasional passenger train.


When Lochty closed in 1992, River Eden was placed into storage at Methil Power Station until 2001 when she made the move to Kirkland.  Thankfully she had been mechanically maintained but required thorough cosmetic reconstruction to bring her back to full life.  After this work was completed the Base Commander of RAF Leuchars very kindly attended the Yard and participated in the re-naming ceremony for her.

Since 2001 River Eden has been the backbone of Kirkland - taking everything thrown at her in her stride and until Forth's reconstruction in 2016 - she had the sole responsibility for all our passenger trains on Open Days.  Nowadays she has a separate starring role in Open Days.  Not only is she usually responsible for pre-opening shunting duties she also becomes a star attraction come 11.00 am and transforms herself into our "Driver for a Fiver" vehicle where you yes YOU can take full control for a journey up and down her custom track.


Manufacturer: Andrew Barclay

Manufacturer Number: 1890

SGB Number: 10

Specification:  0-4-0ST

Year of Manufacture: 1926

"Forth" is an Andrew Barclay 14" cylinder design built in 1926 for the Scottish Gas Board and delivered to Granton Gas Works, Edinburgh. It served there until surplus to requirements, and in 1973 moved to Strathspey Railway.  Seeing no use at Strathspey and in need of a cost-effective locomotive, it fell into the hands of Lochty Private Railway, finally being brought into steam once again in 1989. 


Due to the closure of Lochty Private Railway in 1992 it was once again laid up and in 1994 moved along with other stock into storage at Methil Power Station.  As you will know from the History page, she moved to Kirkland with the other stock in 2003, and the long task of restoring and rebuilding began in earnest once Kirkland Yard was fit for purpose.  Work on "Forth" finished in 2016, and her short boiler certificate is due to run out in late 2020.  It is anticipated that she will only require a light overhaul to be brought back into service once again. 

'North British' (Affectionately known as Little Ruston by our Volunteers)

Manufacturer:  Ruston and Hornsby (number RH421415)

Year of manufacture: 1955

North British Number: 4

Specifications:  88DS 0-4-0


This locomotive spent most of her working life at the North British Distillery in Edinburgh, conducting shunting duties.  It came into preservation at Lochty Private Railway, and thereafter became part of the assets of KFRPS in 1992.  Number 4 is operational and works as part of our Permanent Way stock.  She can regularly be seen performing shunting duties prior to the commencement of Open Days.